The Life Curator

Manifesto for curating your life

You’re invited on a journey to a life CURATED

Write & step into the next chapter of your life.


Note to self “I am the guide & leader of my life.”


Take time to nurture the garden of your mind heart & soul.


The time is now to rediscover your hopes & dreams.


I choose to free myself from feeling like a prisoner in life’s circumstances.

(Because we know to love your life you first need the courage to dream.)

Are you ready to become the reawakened woman?

    At The Life Curator,
    we believe that it is not the destination but the women we become on the journey. The Awakened women have faith & hope in their dreams & the belief they will achieve, if not that dream it will be a bigger & better one for all concerned.

    Take that leap of faith…
    knowing you will be caught & held safely through the journey...
    Body, Mind & Spirit.

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